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Spiritual Counseling

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The spiritual counselors see themselves as partners in conversation with patients as well as their relatives and the co-workers of the hospital. They are open to encounter people, to support and guide them. Together with patients, relatives and staff, they want to search for comfort and meaning.

Inside the General Hospital of Celle, counseling is offered by the Evangelical and the Catholic Church to all people in the facility irrespective of their faith or confession. The counselors themselves are aware of their own confessional identity as they offer their services in ecumenical solidarity and acknowledging other religious and ideological views.

They are supported by some volunteers.

If you wish to be visited or to meet with them it is helpful to direct yourself directly to them, either personally, by phone or in writing. You may also inform other hospital staff asking them to inform them of your wishes. Meetings may take place in the rooms, at your station, in the office or in our “room of silence”.

Services offered

  • Spiritual counseling for patients
  • Attending and counseling relatives and affected
  • Attending of children and their relatives
  • Counseling co-workers of the hospital
  • Crisis intervention (on-call-service)
  • Caring for the dying / bereavement counseling
  • Arranging and attending farewell situations
  • Spiritual support through prayer, Holy Communion or Eucharist
  • Baptism, devotions, children’s services

Worship services and devotions

  • Worship service: Sunday’s 10:00 am
  • Children’s service: Tuesday’s  6:30 pm



Ansprechpartner Inge Lessner-Wittke

Contact Person

Pastorin (ev.)

Inge Lessner-Wittke Tel.: 05141 72-3910
Ansprechpartner Achim Rodekohr

Contact Person

Pastor (ev.)

Achim Rodekohr Tel.: 05141 72-3910
Ansprechpartner Marika-Helena Burghardt

Contact Person

Marika-Helena Burghardt Tel.: 05141 72-8382