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Hospital stay checklist

·         Health insurance card

  • Insurance card for additional private medical aid (if available – otherwise insurance number)

  • Exemption from payment certificate (if available)

  • Doctor’s referral together with any diagnoses you were given to bring with you (e.g. ECG, X-rays, latest laboratory test results etc.)

  • Health certificates pertaining to allergies, X-rays, blood type, vaccination certificate

  •  List of the medications you are taking (if possible include the package information leaflet)

  • Body care products, toiletries, dental  or denture care products

  •  Razor, manicure set, comb/brush

  • Bathrobe, tracksuit, nightdress, pyjamas

  • Outdoor shoes and slippers

  •  List of telephone numbers and addresses important to you

  • Pen and paper, spectacles and case and other aids such as hearing aid, walking stick etc.   

  • Reading material – You also have the option to lend books from the hospital’s patient library

  •  Loose change

  •  In the case of the admission of children please remember their yellow health care booklet and vaccination certificate, as well as their favourite cuddly toy, security blanket, children’s books etc.

Urgent request: Please desist from bringing along large sums of money or valuables. The Celle General Hospital can only be liable for losses of items handed in at the administrative office or to the person in charge of the ward.

Download the checklist