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Patient Admission

Please register with Patient Admission at the start of your hospital stay so that the information pertaining to you can be entered into the system. For this purpose you will require your health insurance card, as well as your doctor’s referral.


The procedure

  • You will be asked whether you have an appointment in a specialist department or if  you are being admitted as an emergency

  •  Your personal information is then entered into the system; your health insurance card is swiped

  • Your telephone number is captured in the system in the event of any queries that may arise after you are discharged

  • The contact details of your relatives are recorded (in case of an emergency)

  • Clarification of which doctors (General Practitioner, Specialist Physician etc.) should receive a letter of discharge and who will be responsible for your aftercare if applicable

  • The general copayment exemption, if applicable, is captured in the system

  • You will be made aware of any auxiliary services we offer (a single ward/a ward with two beds,  treatment by the Head Physician)



Contact Person

Christina Hundsdörfer Tel.: 05141 72-3126 Fax: 05141 72-3138