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We endeavor to inform you in good time of your planned discharge from in-patient hospitalization, so that you can make the appropriate organizational preparations. We are very keen to make you well cared for in your home environment or in a caring facility. Therefore, we take care of your discharge management from the hospital admission. If you have questions about your dismissal, please contact the station team.


As part of the discharge management, you are already informed about the discharge management at the administrative hospital admission. At this point, we rely on your declaration of consent, if we should organize your aftercare with other service providers (home care, organization of aids, care facilities, rehab clinics, etc.), if necessary. If we realize during your stay in hospital that you need further medical assistance or care after your stay in hospital, we will inform the social service, who will discuss the aftercare options with you and take over the organization with your consent. In addition, if necessary and necessary, we ensure communication with your general practitioner or nursing home.

Organizational instructions for discharge

On the discharge day, you will receive your provisional medical letter, which will officially release you from the hospital. Please understand that the hospital rooms should be left on the discharge day by 10:00 am. As an acute hospital, we provide daily emergencies and planned inpatient interventions, so that we are dependent on the vacant beds. Organize your return home from the hospital early on and, if necessary, inform your relatives in good time about the planned release date. If you are picked up after 10:00, you are welcome to stay in the public areas of the hospital. Please remember to take all your personal belongings and valuables back with you. If you need help with organizing your discharge, post-hospital care or your journey home, please contact the nursing staff at an early stage.